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Quickly build complex fire simulation models with PyroSim.

PyroSim is a graphical user interface for the » Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). It is used to create fire simulations that accurately predict smoke movement, temperature, and toxin concentrations during a fire.

Key Features

PyroSim now includes FDS version 6.1.2 and Smokeview version 6.1.12.

Some of PyroSim's key features includes:

* Edit geometry using floor plan images, angled walls, and other powerful tools.
* Integrated execution of Official NIST versions of FDS and Smokeview
* Full support for 64-bit operating systems
* Run multi-CPU simulations with a single click
* Import existing FDS4 and FDS5 models.
* Run simulations across multiple computers on a shared network (cluster)
* import DWG files directly without conversion to DXF (DXF files are still supported)

PyroSim is designed to run on MS Window operating systems. Apple users have reported success using PyroSim with both » VMWare Fusion and » Parallels.

Verification and Validation

The developers of FDS at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) use the model verification techniques outlined in ASTME 1355 to ensure the accuracy of the numerical solutions given by FDS. Additional information can be found in Part III of the FDS Users Guide.

FDS was also the subject of a verification and validation study sponsored by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Electric Power Research Institute. This work compares 5 different simulators based on several fire scenarios.

» Verification and Validation of Selected Fire Models for Nuclear Power Plant Applications (NUREG-1824, Vols 1-7)