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PyroSim 2014
Users Manual » PyroSimManual.pdf [6.763 KB]
Example Problems » PyroSimExamples.pdf [5.739 KB]

The following links connect directly to the NIST FDS web site to ensure the most up-to-date documentation.
Users Manual » FDS_5_User_Guide.pdf
Technical Reference » FDS_5_Technical_Ref.pdf
Smokeview 5 Manual » SMV_5_User_Guide.pdf

Importing from AutoCAD
PyroSim can import AutoCAD models as floor plan images, or import geometry from a DXF model. To use the import feature, geometry must be stored as 3DFACE entities in the DXF file. For more information, please read our AutoCAD import guide.

» autocad_dxf_import.pdf [30 KB] - AutoCAD import guide.

Floating License Installation
Please follow the instructions in the » Floating License Installation Guide [200 KB] . You will need to install and license the PyroSim License Manager, then PyroSim can be installed on each workstation and configured to use the floating license server.
License Activation

To activate your copy of PyroSim:

1. Start PyroSim
2. In the Licensing and Activation dialog, select Online Activation
3. In the Key box, type the activation key from your purchase receipt email
4. Click Activate

The information at the bottom of the Licensing and Activation dialog should be updated to show your new license information. If you receive an error message or are otherwise unable to use the online activation feature, please contact support@thunderheadeng.com.

Please contact Aeolus Consulting for technical support. The list of known issues and workarounds can be found in the Troubleshooting chapter of the PyroSim users manual. The release notes also outline known bugs and workarounds.

Sales: » sales@Pyrosim.eu
Support: » support@Pyrosim.eu
Phone: +32(0) 496/10.94.63
Fax: +32 (0) 14/58.77.53